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Wireless Traders Inc. DBA American Traders Group (ATG) was founded in the year 2000 by Fred Taavon, who have been in the retail and wholesale electronic industry since 1992. ATG’s purpose is to provide customers with quality service and focused distribution of consumer electronic products. We strive to build solid partnerships with customers and vendors promoting the healthy sales growth of portable consumer electronics in their optimal channels of distribution. We continue to grow by studying the possibility by diversify into different branches of the consumer electronics which allowed us to expand into other products. We always followed our motto, “narrow and deep”, which allowed us to mainly focus on a selected few of our products and brands.Some of those selected few products/brands are Sony PlayStation, Microsoft Xbox, Nintendo Wii game consoles, accessories and software. As well as our newly acquired Samsung and LG accounts for Mobile Phones and Accessories.

ATG is geared to handle large quantities, this is our forte as well as the major advantage we have over our competitors. We have established strategic operations in locations across the Americas, such as California, Miami, and Panama.

Our headquarters and sales office, ATG, is located in Los Angeles, California and we have another sales office in Panama which was established in 2005 under Wireless Traders Panama DBA Maverick Electronics.Lastly we have our logistics company, Maverick Logistics Inc, in Miami which we own and operate. Having these locations spread throughout the Americas gives us a competitive advantage. ATG has grown and prospered over the years to become a leading trader and marketer of consumer electronic products. We are a creative, young and energetic company driven by passion for electronics and the ability to offer an expansive and refreshing product assortment to our customers.

We have the personnel ready and available to assist you. The single most important factor in the success of ATG is serving our customers with professionalism, dedication and efficiency. Our sole purpose for being in business is to create an ever-enlarging base of satisfied customers and we can only do that if we commit to respectful brands like we’ve done so far. With us you can rest assure that you are dealing with the best.

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